Good Morning Sunshine

good morning sunshine

I love morning rituals and routines. Starting you day off right affects so many things. Every morning I make sur to write and set my intentions for the day, I meditate and I make sure to drink a wonderful nutritious smoothie. Here is one of my favorite ones. It’s full of vitamins and helps boost my immune system. I call it Good Morning Sunshine.

1 orange
2 cups of pineapples
1/2 inch of turmeric
1/2 inch of ginger
1 1/2 cup of coconut water

2-3 mint leaves for decoration (optional)

Mix everything smooth in a high speed blender.
Enjoy and stay radiant!

Raw Tahini

My favorite seed is probably the sesame seed. This tasty little seed is full of nutrients like calcium, iron, proteins and healthy fats, and it tastes divine. I regularly make raw tahini (sesame paste), that I keep in the fridge and use in smoothies, puddings, wraps, and as a spread on raw food bread. It lasts for 3-4 days, and it’s super easy to make.
tahini collage

1 cup raw sesame seeds (un-toasted)
2 cups water, to soak


Soak the sesame seeds for 4 hours.

Drain and rinse them under running water and put them in the fridge to sprout for 2-4 hours.

Take the seeds and mix them in a high-speed blender like the vitamix, until it turns into a smooth paste. You can store the tahini in a sealed glass jar for 3-4 days.

I wish you a week full of wonders!
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Beet Smoothie

I’m in a beet flow at the moment. I eat at least 1-2 raw beets every day.
Did you know that in recent lab studies on human tumor cells, betanin pigments from beets have been shown to lessen tumor cell growth. The tumor cell types tested in these studies include tumor cells from colon, stomach, nerve, lung, breast, prostate and testicular tissue.
How awesome is that?!! If you haven’t tried beets in you smoothie before, the time is now!
1 big beet
1 large sweet apple or 2 small ones
2-3 cm of ginger
1 cup of coconut water

(If you want this smoothie to be even smoother, juice the beet and apple and add a ripe banana)

Peel the beet, then mix everything together in a high speed blender. Remember to use organic and preferably local produce, for the earth and for your beautiful body.

If you are looking for one new healthy habit this is it.

Wishing you a creative day.


Creamy Marinara

Oh this marinara blew my mind! It is so filling and goes good with most dishes. I use it in a wrap, on some zuchini pasta or on a flaxseed cracker. This dish takes 5 minutes to make and can be kept in the refrigerator for about 5 days.
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1/2 cup of macadamian nuts
2 tomatoes
1 red bell peper
10 sundried tomatoes
2 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove
3 pinches of oregano
1/3 of a bunch of fresh basil
2 dates
1/4 cup of water if needed.

Mix everything together in a high speed blender, until it turns into a creamy paste.
Your body will thank you for this vitamin boost!


Beet Power

Antioxidant overload! I love this delicious dip, it’s so simple and it only takes 5 min to make. This dish will grace any table with it’s intense color.

beet power

1 large beet or 2 small
1/2 cup a macadamias
1 tbsp tamari
Some thyme to taste

Mix everything together in a high speed blender like the Vitamix.

You can use it as a filling in a nori wrap or dip some fresh veggies in it. This is one of my favorite dips ever.
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What do you eat for breakfast?

I usually have a smoothie for breakfast (surprised? not really huh). Sometimes I like to spice it up, so today I made this creamy pudding that I topped of with a ton of buckwheat, chia seeds and some cacao nibs. It tasted YUMMY!
topping breakfast

1 banana
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1 orange
1/4 cup of soaked cashews (not a must, but they do add creaminess)

Mix everything in a highspeed blender.

Add your favorite topping like chia seeds, bee pollen or maybe hemp seeds?
If you use my favorite topping, raw buckwheat, remember to soak it over night and rinse it well before you eat it.

I wish you a healthy week.
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Energy Boost Smoothie

Are you feeling tired around 3 o’clock? Need an energy boost so you can make it to dinner?
Here is a great smoothie to help balance your energy. (see recipe below)
2 tsp Raw Tahini (simple to make, see a recipe here)
1 cup of organic green grapes
1 organic pear
1/2 cup of cold water

Mix everything together in your blender.

This drink is refreshing and so filling. Definitely one of my favorite afternoon snacks.
I hope it will help you shine like the magnificent star you are.
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Blueberry Pudding!

Mmmmm oh my!! This pudding is one of my favorite breakfasts and desserts. It’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, protein and good fats. A perfect treat for a snowy day like this.
(see recipe below)

1/2 cup of soaked organic cashew (soak for at least 4 hours)
1/2 cup of organic blueberries
1 organic banana
1 organic date

Mix everything together in a high-speed blender like the vitamix. If you have a weak blender, you can use a coffee grinder to mix the cashews into a powder (only works with dry nust) before you throw them in the blender.

The nuts will give you enough fat and proteins to hold you until lunch.
Now go on and shine like the star you are.

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