Facing Unworthiness – Self-Love Sunday with Klara Kazmi

The fear of rejection is such a paralyzing and powerful fear.
It connects us to the most horrifying feeling of them all, unworthiness.

Most of us go through life making choices to escape facing unworthiness.
We choose to go for the job that we think we can get, not what we want.
We choose to go for the partner that feels easy and safe so they won’t mirror our fears back at us.
We choose to not even allow ourselves to think about what it is our heart truly desires, because then we might have to meet our fears and ultimately feel the unworthiness.

We think that all of the choices we make on a daily basis are our own, but in reality they are just distractions that we choose to escape facing the feeling of unworthiness.

So what would happened if we went for our dreams and failed?
If we expressed our truth and got criticized?
If we put our heart on the table and got stabbed?
If we stayed vulnerable and felt the rejection fully?

We would meet everything inside and outside of us that is blocking us form living our highest purpose.
We would finally see the massive deception that keeps us paralyzed.
We would begin leaping more, making choices that are based in love and not fear.
We would find out how utterly beautiful and powerful we all truly are and judgment would cease.
Yes, We would find out the truth, that we are worthy.

See, when we shine the loving light on a feeling inside us, when we dare to meet it and see it for what it is, a man-made belief, it begins to loose its power over us. This gives us the opportunity to give this belief new directions, and allow it to become a new belief, one that serves our hearts direction.

We came to this planet worthy dear, so let us all face this fear so we can leave worthy too.