Facing Unworthiness – Self-Love Sunday with Klara Kazmi

The fear of rejection is such a paralyzing and powerful fear.
It connects us to the most horrifying feeling of them all, unworthiness.

Most of us go through life making choices to escape facing unworthiness.
We choose to go for the job that we think we can get, not what we want.
We choose to go for the partner that feels easy and safe so they won’t mirror our fears back at us.
We choose to not even allow ourselves to think about what it is our heart truly desires, because then we might have to meet our fears and ultimately feel the unworthiness.

We think that all of the choices we make on a daily basis are our own, but in reality they are just distractions that we choose to escape facing the feeling of unworthiness.

So what would happened if we went for our dreams and failed?
If we expressed our truth and got criticized?
If we put our heart on the table and got stabbed?
If we stayed vulnerable and felt the rejection fully?

We would meet everything inside and outside of us that is blocking us form living our highest purpose.
We would finally see the massive deception that keeps us paralyzed.
We would begin leaping more, making choices that are based in love and not fear.
We would find out how utterly beautiful and powerful we all truly are and judgment would cease.
Yes, We would find out the truth, that we are worthy.

See, when we shine the loving light on a feeling inside us, when we dare to meet it and see it for what it is, a man-made belief, it begins to loose its power over us. This gives us the opportunity to give this belief new directions, and allow it to become a new belief, one that serves our hearts direction.

We came to this planet worthy dear, so let us all face this fear so we can leave worthy too.


Brothers and Sisters.

The designer Gudrun Sjödén has created a lovely campaign to support the organisation “Kvinna till Kvinna” – “Woman to Woman”. This is an organization that works to support women in times of war and conflict.

To spread awareness about this campaign Gudrun Sjödén asks people to go to their website https://goo.gl/GXy1R5 where you will find a button to click to support this campaign.
For every click they receive they donate money to support Kvinna till Kvinna’s work worldwide. So please head on to their website and click, click, click!

You can also help spread awareness by posting pictures of colorful women you admire, including yourself, by using the hashtag #ColorfulWomen. Let’s elevate consciousness and celebrate all the wonderful, colorful women world wide.

Comfort Zone

A few weeks ago a friend of mine challenged me to release some new music within a month. I felt very uncomfortable with that challenge since I didn’t feel that anything I had recorded was completely “done”. Somehow I agreed to do it. I chose a song I’m quite happy with, it just needed some backing vocals on it, so I called two wonderful backup singers and asked them to come down to the studio and sing with me. When the day came, I got sick and couldn’t make it to the studio, so we set a new date, but on that day they couldn’t make it. I realized I wouldn’t be able to release the song I wanted to release within the time frame that I had set for myself. I felt like a failure, but then I talked to my wonderful producer Marco Deb and he said -well just release another song. You can release many songs in a row! Don’t be so picky, and don’t die with your music still inside you .

After going back and forth for a few days I just picked the song that felt most “done” (whatever that means, since a piece of art is never really done). I felt motivated but yet very uncomfortable. Thoughts like, this is not a typical first single came up, yes, my inner critic (who is one of the reasons I haven’t released any new music for a while) started a whole campaign to stop me from releasing this track.
In the middle of all this babbling I realized that I must be on to something. See, everything new that I desire is currently outside my comfort zone, otherwise I would already have it. It is my job as and artist to go outside my comfort zone. I owe it not only to myself but to you.
I finally understood a new layer of a long known truth, that it’s not my place to judge my art.

So here it is my newborn baby, Comfort Zone. Produced by Marco Deb who also sings on the chorus with me (see no excuses if your backup singers can’t make it). I’m so happy to share this with you. I live for this. I hope you take it to heart and that it makes you dance out of your own comfort zone.

comfort zone filter

Illustration made by Sling Fingers and Graphics by yours truly.

Love you all so much!
Thank you for the love and support you have been showing me.




Many of you have been asking me when I will release new material and telling me how much you liked the EP and singles so far. I don’t now if you know how much your loving emails, messages and comments mean to me. I feel I should involve and invite you more into my creative process. I’m too much of an introvert at times. So here is a little sneak peak, a medley of some of my not yet release music and some of my favorite oldies. I hope you like it. Sending you all loads of love, light, gratitude and butterfly kisses.

signatur blog warm

1Family Video

To all you beautiful beings that want to participate and spread some LOVE in the 1Family Video Project. My beautiful Sister Geliqua Amini shows you how it’s done.
All we need is a 5 second video recording (on a smartphone or laptop) of you making a heart sign. Send the clip to 1FAMILYVIDEO(at)GMAIL.COM
Your Love matters.
Read more on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/1557593434515743/

Remember to use the Hashtag #1Family on social media.

If you have any questions email info(at)klarakazmi.com and we will help you.

Love and Light


This is me… then

I’m creating a lot of new music at the moment. As I evolve, It’s natural to outgrow styles and preferences, but I do believe that it’s important to always be proud of who you were.
I know of artists that always start new projects and delete everything they have done before to be able to start fresh. I understand that, the thought of a clean slate can be tempting, but in doing so, you deprive the listener/viewer/reader the knowledge of the whole story… the story of how you came to be who you are today. It’s like posting a picture of a delicious cake without sharing the recipe.

I have learned so much from watching other artists evolve, and I’m inspired by their courage to share their journey with the world. I attempt to do the same, I want everyone to be able to see my progress, my struggles, my insights and my strive. I genuinely believe that transparency in self and in others teaches us the most. It is so incredibly thrilling to dare to be naked.
On that note I feel compelled to share my old EP with you again. I recorded this in 2009, it feels so long ago. When I listen to it I can find a billion things that I want to change about it, but I won’t, because it’s perfect..This is who I was.. then.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for inspiring me, and allowing me to get naked.

Lots of Love and Gratitude//

Birthday Wishes

When I was about to blow the candle out on my Birthday cake this morning, I was trying to make a wish, but I found it to be harder than usual…. My mind just wanted so many things!!

Sitting in my bed with my laptop now, looking out on the sunny blue sky and the beautiful trees outside my window, I know that I have all I need in this very moment. It might sound odd to some, but It is the truth. I have my breath, I have my eyes to see this beautiful world through, I have my body to feel and absorb the vibration of mother earth, I have my mind to think happy, progressive and inspiring thoughts with, and most importantly I have my heart to feel and emit the vibration of LOVE!! What else do I need? Nothing!! Mind is quiet now, she feels a little silly, all those wishes weren’t hers, she doesn’t want any of those things she so eagerly wished for earlier. She just want to cuddle up with my heart, and watch the leaves go from green to yellow outside my window.

This is a happy Birthday.

raw vegan cake

“This beautiful RawFood Cake was created by RawFood Stockholm. It is so Yummy!!”

Wishing you all a peaceful day.

signatur blog warm

A day in the studio

I love recording new music, especially when I get to work with Marco Deb, my producer and best friend. We create such a chill atmosphere in the studio and we make sure to always have fun.
My little ray of sunshine Mio helps with the fun part, he considers this his playground.
grey collage
light grey collage copy

I can’t wait to share the new music with you guys, but we still have a lot of work to do.
So back to the lab again for some more play.
Wishing you all a beautiful and creative day.

Sleepless in Miami

These past months have been crazy busy. I have experienced so much creativity, love and inspiration, I decided to fully loose myself in it and surrender. I have gained so much clarity on my purpose now, and how to expand this heart centered reality even more. I’m so excited and I’m eagerly looking forward to sharing and co-creating with all you beautiful creative people who all want to create a heart centered reality, a #LOVEOLUTION.
I appreciate and welcome your light and love.

Much love to ya.