What’s your purpose?

I truly believe that we all deserve to live our dreams. But most of us have a few inner blockages to get past to be able to do that. I will record a few videos that I hope will be helpful on your journey to live your dreams.

First up. I’ll talk a bit about how we can find out true purpose.


Sending you lots of love and light!



When I look at how I live my life today I can clearly see how limited my beliefs are. I’m not giving myself even close to what I desire, nor am I giving others what I am capable of giving. Now don’t you worry, I’m not putting myself down or anything like that, just observing where I’m at in my belief system. I need to compare my beliefs to my desires and adjust accordingly. What I want more of in my life right now is trust. I know that I can create wonders under the influence of trust. It doesn’t even matter if I fail, the most important thing is to carry trust in my heart.  It’s as simple as that, If I want to change my life I must believe it to achieve it.

I encourage you to look at your life today and ask yourself this

What does my heart desire? Do I TRUST that I can have it?



Lately I have had this urge to share everything with everyone. I think I know what it is my soul is craving, it is authenticity. Meeting people in complete honesty, allowing everyone to see me and allowing myself to be seen. I am longing to be loved for who I am without veils or filters and I am longing to love without walls and borders. This longing has led me to have the most amazing interactions with complete strangers, don’t get me wrong I have always been uncomfortably honest with people, but I feel that I am taking this to a whole other level this time. I am consciously pushing my borders gently but steady, allowing my spirit to reach out and touch someones heart, and allowing them to touch an hold mine. My trust grows bigger and bigger with each day, and It’s becoming harder and harder to hold back, and easier and easier to let go. I’m constantly being tuned back in to listening to my soul, who is chanting this beautiful melody saying, open up dear, allow more!  I’m sacred sometimes but I always say yes (sooner or later) and happily wander down the path of my own Loveolution.


I wish you a happiness and love beyond comprehension.

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Have you found your Unicorn?

Running around trying to get things done, having this feeling that I’m missing something. I’m not sure where I’m going anymore I must have lost something, but what?

Then It dawned on me, I’ve lost my Unicorn! It’s not here anymore! I’m not sure when it happened or what I did to make it happened, but I do know that I have to do everything in my power to find my  precious unicorn again.

My Unicorn is my faith, my power, my mystic, my depth, my drive…simply put, it’s is the magic in my life!!

My beautiful bright Unicorn is my power animal, my other half, the one that I can always count on to keep me safe, the one that brings me back to  sanity and reality.

See, the reality is that life is pure magic, and if you have forgotten that, then you have lost your unicorn my friend. I guess we all knew what magic was deep down in our hearts when we were kids. We were wondering where the rainbow ended and fantasizing about how soft it would feel to sleep on a cloud. We bursted with excitement every time we saw a sunset, felt the grass under our feet or tasted a juicy cinnamon roll. Life was magical…. for most of us anyway.

If you never had this experience, or if you don’t remember it, don’t worry dear it is not too late, it is NEVER too late. You have the right to your own unicorn, every one does. You are entitled to a life full of magic, and the best part is you can always open your heart and let the stardust and magic in, this will lead you to your unicorn.

Yes, that is what I  am going to do right now, open my heart wide open and trust that my unicorn will come back to me. Oh, I can feel it now, we will ride down the sunset together my unicorn and I…. I wonder what magic lies behind the horizon.

I wish you an open heart and open mind.
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Eating Right?

Usually when you have bodily issues people ask you, are you eating right?
Personally I don’t believe that there is one way that fits all, but I definitely believe that we have a personal right or wrong way. The trick is to figure out what works for you!

I thrive on a Plantbased Vegan diet, and of course I advocate this way of living due to it’s numerous health benefits, the fact that it doesn’t hurt this planet, and that it promotes equal rights for all living beings.

I used to be very sick, and I’m still struggling with some weight issues due to some chemical unbalances, but this way of living is really helping me to balance my body and mind, and it brings my soul peace. People often ask me what I eat, so I thought I would share a picture and some recipes of what I eat.
raw food

A Sallad. 
This one is really simple.

1 Yellow Bell pepper diced
A bunch of lettuce
1 Avocado
1/2 Apple (I usually don’t mix fruit and veggies, but made an exception here)
1 carrot that I pealed with a potato peeler
6 cocktail tomatoes
3 inches/ 8 cm of cucumber
1 TBS Chia Seeds as a topping

5 sun dried tomatoes
1 tomato
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 TBS Olive oil
Some fresh oregano and basil to taste
1 pitch of salt and pepper
Mix everything smooth in a high speed blender or food processor.

Sometime I add a smoothie to the meal.
This one is a delicious and filling blueberry smoothie
you’ll find the recipe here.

Blueberry Pudding. Well, I was extra hungry and in the mood for blueberries this day, but you can use any berries in this recipe.

1/2 cup of buckwheat (soaked for 30 min and thoroughly rinsed)
1 TBS of coconut cream (you can make this by mixing coconut flakes in a high speed blender until they turn creamy) or use optional nut or seed butter.
1 cup of berries
1 banana
2 TBS coconut nektar or agave

Mix everything smooth in your blender. Serve with 1 TBS hemp seeds and some berries as a topping .

I hope this has inspired you to create some colorful creations of your own. I would love to know how an average meal looks at your table? what works for your body? Drop me a line or send me a link to your blog.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy day.


Is it ever too Late?

I have been pressuring myself quite hard these last couple of years. See, according to my plans, I was supposed to release a new Album/Book 1 1/2 years ago…what happened, you might ask? Life did. I got a beautiful gift from the stars, my beautiful Son. I also managed to delete everything from my computer, when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! All the music I have ever done, all my art, the whole Book. I was left with nothing…. and you know what, I needed that, a blank canvas to fill with a new story from a new me.

This is what I’m doing now, painting a new story. This is truly a blessing in disguise, I am not the same person anymore, motherhood and life has changed me, and evolved me. I am on a new path now, with new thoughts and new feelings and new gifts to give.

My little sunshine has taught me what is important in life, to be true to your heart.

I want to share this video with you guys, because it Inspired me to remember, that no matter what life serves you and how many detours you take in life, it is NEVER too late. This woman is 80, she wanted to dance her whole life, and now she is living her dream.

I truly hope that you are all doing what makes you happy in life.
You deserve it, and the world needs it.
Sending you lots of sunshine.
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Daily affirmation

As I sit and listen to the rain falling outside my window, I think about how my thoughts and actions have affected me and my surroundings today. Have I learned something new? Made someone smile? Taken care of my temple (body) well?
I feel ready to step up my game, to elevate. I want to contribute to the Loveolution of this planet in all that I do, think and feel. This affirmation helps me to stay focused.
Do you have an affirmation that helps you to live your life purpose?

Sending you lots of LOVE and LIGHT!


The Power of YOU!

I haven been thinking a lot about the meaning of self empowerment lately. There are so many different meanings and aspects to this word, but for me Self Empowerment is:
1) Knowing about and trusting in your infinite power.
2 ) Understanding that you are the writer and creator of your own story.
3) Feeling and Believing that all is LOVE.
Knowing this brings me peace, clarity and strength.

What does Self Empowerment mean to you?

I hope you have love and light in your life and that you feel and believe in your own magnificence!
Here is a song that I hope will bring you some light and smiles on your journey.

May your day be full of giggles!


Some thoughts on Misunderstandings and Pain.

A while back I had a misunderstanding with a certain person. “-So what?”, you might say. Well… this rarely happens to me, and I take every opportunity I can to learn how to communicate better. It truly blew my mind when I realized how gravely 2 people can misunderstand each other, even when they do speak the same language.
Of course I felt that I was speaking from my heart and that I didn’t say anything mean or hurtful, but the other person heard and felt differently. The truth is no one is right or wrong, we all perceive the world differently depending on how we feel and where we are in life. I consider myself to be a happy person, some might say that I view the world through pink glasses and they might be right :). It’s not that I am blind to misery and pain, believe me I have been there, It’s just that I have chosen to focus on the things I feel will make a change in this world and in myself. I have worked on helping, inspiring and uplifting people for most of my life, and I’m used to meeting people who are at different stages in their life. This misunderstanding reminded me of all that I have learned over the years, and how important it is “to practice what you preach”. I’m so grateful that this happened, even though I prefer to grow through love, sometimes discord and conflict can bring you a clear perspective.
I want to share some tips with you about dealing with people in pain. I hope that this might help you in your relationships (with others and with yourself).

1. Sometimes helping someone in pain means letting them be angry with you.
So if they want to blame you for things that you haven’t done, let them, remember that anger is way better than despair.

2. It might be hard to listen to accusations that aren’t true to you, but stay centered and remember to breathe. Take a moment and try to see the situation from the other persons perspective.

3. Always make an effort to be as clear as you can in your communication with someone in pain. Overexplaining might be necessary.

4. If you are hurt by someone, take a minute and ask yourself how you would like this situation to play out. Do you want to win an argument? If yes, ask yourself why. Will this take the pain away from you and/or the other person?

5. Sometimes It might be good to apologize, even if you feel that you haven’t done anything wrong. Have in mind that there is no reasoning with pain, the only thing that can heal it is LOVE. By apologizing you are showing this person unconditional love. We all deserve that.

6. When trying to help someone you might start taking on and experiencing their pain, don’t! Their pain is their own, remember you can’t help anyone if you don’t feel good yourself.

7. Self love and taking responsibility for our own feelings instead of blaming our surroundings is the only way we can truly heal.
So if you want to help someone, take care of your inner child and BE THE LOVE you want to see in the world.

Love and painDeep down in my heart I believe that we are all just one beautiful family, speaking different languages, trying to say the same thing, I LOVE YOU!

Thank you for your love and for transforming your pain.

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Ps. here is a tune that helps me realize how much I can change in my experience and that I don’t have any enemies.