Yaaay guess who just released a new single?! This time it’s in Swedish, so to all my english speaking fans, don’t worry I’ll still release some more english music soon, but for now I need to big up my beautiful hometown Stockholm. You can listen to the single on SPOTIFY!

I went on P5 Sthlm and performed the song live, you can hear the interview and song here.

I chatted with their lovely host Gurgin about focusing on seeing what is beautiful in this city and how we can transform pain.

I got to perform the song live outside on Drottninggatan….it was cold, but lovely to sing to the city that I adore so much.

When I was performing  I got to wear some lovely clothes form Gudrun Sjödén. Me and my back up Singer Micaela Rodrigues and my Producer/Guitarist Marco Deb,  all wore something  Blue or Yellow, the colors of Stockholm.

Here are some pictures:

I love working with these two!

I really love this outfit from Gudrun Sjödéns summer collection.

Girls just wanna have fun … in comfortable clothes!

Sending you all love and light.


Brothers and Sisters.

The designer Gudrun Sjödén has created a lovely campaign to support the organisation “Kvinna till Kvinna” – “Woman to Woman”. This is an organization that works to support women in times of war and conflict.

To spread awareness about this campaign Gudrun Sjödén asks people to go to their website where you will find a button to click to support this campaign.
For every click they receive they donate money to support Kvinna till Kvinna’s work worldwide. So please head on to their website and click, click, click!

You can also help spread awareness by posting pictures of colorful women you admire, including yourself, by using the hashtag #ColorfulWomen. Let’s elevate consciousness and celebrate all the wonderful, colorful women world wide.

Scarf Love

6 ways to use your scarfI am in love with these organic cotton scarfs from Gudrun Sjödén!
Not only are they gorgeous and sustainable, but I have noticed that they can be very useful!
As you might know, I love finding multipurpose and hippify all my stuff, and I must say, I am surprised by how many functions a scarf can have.

I always carry a couple of these babies in my purse, or on me, cause you never know when you can need a splash of color or maybe a baby chair.
Here are some things you can do with them.

1. Mix 3 scarfs and wrap around your neck. This will give any outfit a boost.

2. Tie some scarfs and use them as curtains.

3. If you have a dull pillow, wrap some scarfs around it and voilà, a splash of color will lift any room.

4. They make a great baby chair! 🙂 This comes in handy when you visit friends, or go to a restaurant that doesn’t have a baby chair.

5. I love to braid the scarfs into a belt.

6. Or a colorful headband.

Tuxpi photo editor:

These are just a few tips. The possibilities are endless. So use and love your scarf people, especially if it’s organic and pretty!

sjalar hjärta

Sending you colorful rainbows and kisses.