Self Parenting – the sacred bond within.

There is a sacred relationship within you between the inner child and the parent.

The child often acts out and throws tantrums, demanding to get what he or she wants. Too often the parent backs off and let’s the child have it’s way. This energy tends to leak out and cause messy relationships and makes us feel stuck in many areas of our life.

See, the child only wants to play. His or her framework was created a long time ago and their desires are very different than the parents.

If the child isn’t allowed to be seen and play freely a certain amount of time every day, it builds up energy and ends up overthrowing the parent. Making us feel like we are loosing control. In these moments we tend to make rash and defensive decisions that we later have to live with.
The parent also needs to be heard. The parent is here to make sure we live our purpose and do everything our heart desires. The parent administrates everything in our practical world so that this can happen.

If we only leave the chid in charge we will tend to run away from responsibilities, and self sabotage relationships because we fear doing the work needed,. We’ll choose the easy way out and only focus on instant gratification. We will loose the bigger perspective because we fear challenges.

If we dominate the child too much we will loose our spark and our joy, forget why we are doing what we are doing, and loose our ability to bathe ourselves in the magic of life.

Parenting can be tricky and demands our full patience.

What we seek is the golden balance. The parent that hears the child’s needs, gently holds them and helps the child to explore and thus expand. This type of parent will meet the challenges and guide the child through them, never loosing track of the direction, but also allowing space to just be and marvel over
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