Self Dating – explore yourself.

I’ve been self dating for many years. I find it to be the most pleasant way to dig within and hear myself.

Today me and my inner characters discussed my level of self worth.
I believe we attract what we feel worthy of, so taking a step back and observing my life is the best way for me to mirror what needs addressing within.

My sweet anxiety had attracted a few thing into our space that I felt needed clearing and loving. So we sat down at a nice restaurant, created a safe and romantic vibe, had some Indian food and healed what needed to be healed.

Lots of old stuff came up. Fear was sharing her worries, anxiety was showing me how she got triggered by some of the things I do.

What they showed me was that some of my choices have not been fully heart based. My need to assist humanity has made me settle in some areas. And settling is never heart based, we only settle out of fear and a sense of lack.

My beautiful posse of emotions, showed me how I’ve used my service for humanity as an excuse to not go get what my heart is yearning for. Instead I’ve been helping others do that. Oh, the sweet irony. It was all so raw and beautiful.

Suddenly faith spoke loud and clear, reminding me that I am safe. The universe is holding me and all is well.

I love this time with myself. I love exploring myself and reminding myself of how precious every single emotion is. I love surrendering and feeling vulnerable with all that is going on inside and outside of myself. I love seeing how big my love is, and how much I can hold space for, within myself.

I’m sharing this with you in the hopes to inspire you to explore yourself more. You are a work of art and all of you deserves your love.

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