Scarf Love

6 ways to use your scarfI am in love with these organic cotton scarfs from Gudrun Sjödén!
Not only are they gorgeous and sustainable, but I have noticed that they can be very useful!
As you might know, I love finding multipurpose and hippify all my stuff, and I must say, I am surprised by how many functions a scarf can have.

I always carry a couple of these babies in my purse, or on me, cause you never know when you can need a splash of color or maybe a baby chair.
Here are some things you can do with them.

1. Mix 3 scarfs and wrap around your neck. This will give any outfit a boost.

2. Tie some scarfs and use them as curtains.

3. If you have a dull pillow, wrap some scarfs around it and voilà, a splash of color will lift any room.

4. They make a great baby chair! 🙂 This comes in handy when you visit friends, or go to a restaurant that doesn’t have a baby chair.

5. I love to braid the scarfs into a belt.

6. Or a colorful headband.

Tuxpi photo editor:

These are just a few tips. The possibilities are endless. So use and love your scarf people, especially if it’s organic and pretty!

sjalar hjärta

Sending you colorful rainbows and kisses.



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