Pride Has No Place In a Relationship

Pride has no place in a relationship. We need to leave it at the doorstep when we enter a union. We must be willing to love our partner in a way that they need to be loved regardless of our opinions.
Your partner might feel loved when you do the dishes without them having to ask for it, or they might feel loved when you adore them
verbally, touch them or if you buy them gifts.
We all receive, perceive and give love in different ways.
It is not our job to judge our partners needs, it is our job to meet them.
if your partner is nagging you for things like more quality time, or for you to vacuum the floors, they are not trying to be a pain in you ass and you shouldn’t consider them to be high maintenance. This might just be your partner signaling to you that they feel empty and need more love.
It is absolutely vital for us to learn how to speak our partners love language. If we feel that we can’t or won’t, then we should not consider being in a partnership with them. We can never change our partners love language, but we can always learn it if we are willing. Loving somebody in a way that they need to be loved is a conscious choice that we all can make.


Wishing you all happy and fulfilling relationships.



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