Dick Pics – New song out soon!

Hi Guys! I will release a new singel tomorrow.Yaaay! It’s called Dick Pics.
I had a blast recording a video to this song yesterday. I got help from a team of awesomeness to pull this off.

I will write a long thank you note to everyone once the video is released.
Here are some pictures.

The song will be up on my page tomorrow and on Spotify very soon. Swedish radio is already playing it and you can tune in to P5 at 18.00 this evening to hear me talk about it (in Swedish).

Sending you all lots of LOVE!


Many of you have been asking me when I will release new material and telling me how much you liked the EP and singles so far. I don’t now if you know how much your loving emails, messages and comments mean to me. I feel I should involve and invite you more into my creative process. I’m too much of an introvert at times. So here is a little sneak peak, a medley of some of my not yet release music and some of my favorite oldies. I hope you like it. Sending you all loads of love, light, gratitude and butterfly kisses.

signatur blog warm

Loveolution in Progress

We had our first photo session for the Loveolution project yesterday. I’m so grateful to the brave souls that let us portrait their love, and show the world that Love always finds a way. I feel blessed to get to work with Iga Mikler, a talented photographer with a mission to make the world a better place. I can’t wait to get to share the finished results with you guys, but for now, here are some “behind the scene” iphone photos :).

bild (4)

Butterfly Kisses,
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100 LIVE

I’m celebrating my birthday on the 30th of September by performing at a 100 LIVE, a showcase at Etablissemanget Södra Teatern in Stockholm.

We go on stage at 18.30 🙂 It’s free so come and enjoy some good vibes.

I hope to see you guys there.

Love and Light



This is my cutest fan!

This is by far my cutest fan! Her name is Angelica and her mother sent me this video of her singing Sunshine and Butterflies.
Every time I watch this, it makes me smile. I hope it does the same for you.
Wishing you all Love and Light /Klara

Meadowsmusic.se reviews Sunshine and Butterflies!

Read the sweet review that  Meadowsmusic.se gave “Sunshine and Butterflies”! I’m so happy that people appreciate my music! /Klara Kazmi

Klara Kazmi released this song, “Sunshine and Butterflies”, during Summer, which the title clearly suggests. She continues to experiment and here she’s created her own mix of Americana and R’n’B, where she dances across the meadow enjoying everything she sees, with a big smile on her lips. Almost like it was taken from a an old musical movie from the fifties, with bright colours and where the sun was always shining.

Summer song or not, I can tell you that it works wonders now as well, as the Autumn’s darkness is sneaking upon us. It makes me feel good, simply put.

Later this year she’s planning the release of a new EP which you can follow on Facebook and on her site. Listen to more songs on her Soundcloud page.



Scandinavian Soul Reviews Sunshine and Butterflies

Here is a lovely review of “Sunshine and Butterflies” from Scandinavian Soul. It warmed my heart 🙂



I guess you should always expect the unexpected from Swedish soul singer Klara Kazmi. We’ve heard her dramatic change in direction with her last sexy, “baby-making” release “Nice”. Now, her new single “Sunshine and Butterflies” takes yet another exciting turn.

This time, Klara brings her unique warmth and style in a southern American country sound, with sweet harmonies, banjo accompaniments by Sling Fingers, and the playful sounds of tongue smacking. (Not sure if it’s called that, but listen to the song and you’ll hear what I mean).

You’ll immediately picture white picket fences and rocking chairs, which, even if you are not a lover of country music, still demonstrates what Klara does best—makes you smile! It’s also no coincidence that one of her first releases was called “Smiiiiile”. So naturally, Klaras’ trademark, feel-good vibe radiates from this song, too. The catchy lyrics in the chorus exemplify this perfectly:

I have no worries on my mind, it feels so good to be alive! I look up on the sky, and I can’t see a single cloud! Yes it feels so good to be alive…. 

This time, Klara explains that her change in direction was inspired by seeing Stockholm in the sunshine.

“I’m amazed over the effect that summer has on people! Suddenly my whole hometown “Stockholm” is full of wonderful, happy and smiling people. ….. I’m celebrating this phenomenon by releasing a new single, a tribute to mother Earth and father Sun. A celebration of the magic of summer!”

By the way, I presume she means Stockholm, Alabama…

The production is, as always, excellent, and Klara and her producer, Marco Deb are clearly enjoying playing with music and sounds together. Clearly, though, a lot of work has gone into this. Amazingly, Klara has made the track “Sunshine and Butterflies” available for FREE!

”I’m giving it away for free, just like love and everything else that is good in life. This is my gift to all of you,” says Klara.

This is an invitation I urge you to accept, as Klara’s music and world are infectiously good.

Overall, I like this “country” track. However, it does beg the tantalizing question: what will Klara have in store for us next?


Sunshine and Butterflies!

Today is the official release of my new single SUNSHINE AND BUTTERFLIES! You can download it on Itunes!

I’m working with the lovely people from 100songs on this release, check out their website 🙂

I’m so excited about this song, and I really hope that it will make you smile and dance like nobody is watching!
Love  /Klara


New Video Out Now !

Beloved Friends! The video to Sunshine and Butterflies is finished!
I’m so excited to share this with you. I hope you like it. A lot of hard work and fun has been put into this creation. I have been blessed to get to work with lovely people on this track and video.
I feel that I need to express my appreciation for all of them…

I am so grateful to the staff at Rosenhill in Ekerö, they allowed us to occupy there beautiful land for a day to record this video. This is an amazing place that is full of lovely people and good vibes.
Big thanks to the Director and Producer Mr. Pablo Fernandez he is the best of the best and he put a lot of heart into making this video. I also want to thank the Director of Photography Iga Mikler whose eye for beauty never seizes to amaze me. Non of this would have been possible without my “partner in fun” producer Marco Deb, he is a musical genius, and we always have so much fun creating together. Big thanks to my sweetheart SlingFingers, who played the wicked banjo on this track and helped me stay focused and happy throughout the filming. I also appreciate my kind father who helped by acting as nanny during the filming, he is the best father ever. But the biggest thank you goes to my little baby angel Mio, who stayed happy and sweet and let mummy work. He even made a cameo appearance in the video. He is the light of my life.

I hope you all enjoy this video! Know that it is loaded with love for all of you, from all of us!
Love and Light
Klara Kazmi