Yaaay guess who just released a new single?! This time it’s in Swedish, so to all my english speaking fans, don’t worry I’ll still release some more english music soon, but for now I need to big up my beautiful hometown Stockholm. You can listen to the single on SPOTIFY!

I went on P5 Sthlm and performed the song live, you can hear the interview and song here.

I chatted with their lovely host Gurgin about focusing on seeing what is beautiful in this city and how we can transform pain.

I got to perform the song live outside on Drottninggatan….it was cold, but lovely to sing to the city that I adore so much.

When I was performing  I got to wear some lovely clothes form Gudrun Sjödén. Me and my back up Singer Micaela Rodrigues and my Producer/Guitarist Marco Deb,  all wore something  Blue or Yellow, the colors of Stockholm.

Here are some pictures:

I love working with these two!

I really love this outfit from Gudrun Sjödéns summer collection.

Girls just wanna have fun … in comfortable clothes!

Sending you all love and light.

Comfort Zone

A few weeks ago a friend of mine challenged me to release some new music within a month. I felt very uncomfortable with that challenge since I didn’t feel that anything I had recorded was completely “done”. Somehow I agreed to do it. I chose a song I’m quite happy with, it just needed some backing vocals on it, so I called two wonderful backup singers and asked them to come down to the studio and sing with me. When the day came, I got sick and couldn’t make it to the studio, so we set a new date, but on that day they couldn’t make it. I realized I wouldn’t be able to release the song I wanted to release within the time frame that I had set for myself. I felt like a failure, but then I talked to my wonderful producer Marco Deb and he said -well just release another song. You can release many songs in a row! Don’t be so picky, and don’t die with your music still inside you .

After going back and forth for a few days I just picked the song that felt most “done” (whatever that means, since a piece of art is never really done). I felt motivated but yet very uncomfortable. Thoughts like, this is not a typical first single came up, yes, my inner critic (who is one of the reasons I haven’t released any new music for a while) started a whole campaign to stop me from releasing this track.
In the middle of all this babbling I realized that I must be on to something. See, everything new that I desire is currently outside my comfort zone, otherwise I would already have it. It is my job as and artist to go outside my comfort zone. I owe it not only to myself but to you.
I finally understood a new layer of a long known truth, that it’s not my place to judge my art.

So here it is my newborn baby, Comfort Zone. Produced by Marco Deb who also sings on the chorus with me (see no excuses if your backup singers can’t make it). I’m so happy to share this with you. I live for this. I hope you take it to heart and that it makes you dance out of your own comfort zone.

comfort zone filter

Illustration made by Sling Fingers and Graphics by yours truly.

Love you all so much!
Thank you for the love and support you have been showing me.




Many of you have been asking me when I will release new material and telling me how much you liked the EP and singles so far. I don’t now if you know how much your loving emails, messages and comments mean to me. I feel I should involve and invite you more into my creative process. I’m too much of an introvert at times. So here is a little sneak peak, a medley of some of my not yet release music and some of my favorite oldies. I hope you like it. Sending you all loads of love, light, gratitude and butterfly kisses.

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This is me… then

I’m creating a lot of new music at the moment. As I evolve, It’s natural to outgrow styles and preferences, but I do believe that it’s important to always be proud of who you were.
I know of artists that always start new projects and delete everything they have done before to be able to start fresh. I understand that, the thought of a clean slate can be tempting, but in doing so, you deprive the listener/viewer/reader the knowledge of the whole story… the story of how you came to be who you are today. It’s like posting a picture of a delicious cake without sharing the recipe.

I have learned so much from watching other artists evolve, and I’m inspired by their courage to share their journey with the world. I attempt to do the same, I want everyone to be able to see my progress, my struggles, my insights and my strive. I genuinely believe that transparency in self and in others teaches us the most. It is so incredibly thrilling to dare to be naked.
On that note I feel compelled to share my old EP with you again. I recorded this in 2009, it feels so long ago. When I listen to it I can find a billion things that I want to change about it, but I won’t, because it’s perfect..This is who I was.. then.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for inspiring me, and allowing me to get naked.

Lots of Love and Gratitude//

A day in the studio

I love recording new music, especially when I get to work with Marco Deb, my producer and best friend. We create such a chill atmosphere in the studio and we make sure to always have fun.
My little ray of sunshine Mio helps with the fun part, he considers this his playground.
grey collage
light grey collage copy

I can’t wait to share the new music with you guys, but we still have a lot of work to do.
So back to the lab again for some more play.
Wishing you all a beautiful and creative day.

New Era, New Music…

I slowed down to reflect and grow… It took me a couple of years to realize why I’m doing this. I didn’t honor this gift before, I didn’t understand the power she holds… So much growth has taken place, a loveolution is in bloom. I have shifted gears and am flying full speed into the arms of my lover… the seductive, passionate, loving, enlightening… MUSIC. This is why I’m here.

Wherever you are, I pray that you follow your passion.
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Singing in joy!

These lovely ladies are my backup singers, Micaela Rodrigues and Silvia Rodrigues. Sining with them is pure magic, our voices blend perfectly together and we all share the same passion for harmonies.
I’m am so grateful that I get to co-create with such talented ladies.

What people in your life do you appreciate today?


50 shades of nice!

I am speechless! This beautiful visual interpretation of my song Nice is made by Iga Mikler and Kachna Baraniewiczowna. It is so intimate and pure, yet daring and real. Yes, let’s love more, let’s create something nice 🙂

Enjoy this beautiful creation together with my Saffron Cake, I promise that it will enhance the experience.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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