Self Parenting – the sacred bond within.

There is a sacred relationship within you between the inner child and the parent.

The child often acts out and throws tantrums, demanding to get what he or she wants. Too often the parent backs off and let’s the child have it’s way. This energy tends to leak out and cause messy relationships and makes us feel stuck in many areas of our life.

See, the child only wants to play. His or her framework was created a long time ago and their desires are very different than the parents.

If the child isn’t allowed to be seen and play freely a certain amount of time every day, it builds up energy and ends up overthrowing the parent. Making us feel like we are loosing control. In these moments we tend to make rash and defensive decisions that we later have to live with.
The parent also needs to be heard. The parent is here to make sure we live our purpose and do everything our heart desires. The parent administrates everything in our practical world so that this can happen.

If we only leave the chid in charge we will tend to run away from responsibilities, and self sabotage relationships because we fear doing the work needed,. We’ll choose the easy way out and only focus on instant gratification. We will loose the bigger perspective because we fear challenges.

If we dominate the child too much we will loose our spark and our joy, forget why we are doing what we are doing, and loose our ability to bathe ourselves in the magic of life.

Parenting can be tricky and demands our full patience.

What we seek is the golden balance. The parent that hears the child’s needs, gently holds them and helps the child to explore and thus expand. This type of parent will meet the challenges and guide the child through them, never loosing track of the direction, but also allowing space to just be and marvel over
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Self Dating – explore yourself.

I’ve been self dating for many years. I find it to be the most pleasant way to dig within and hear myself.

Today me and my inner characters discussed my level of self worth.
I believe we attract what we feel worthy of, so taking a step back and observing my life is the best way for me to mirror what needs addressing within.

My sweet anxiety had attracted a few thing into our space that I felt needed clearing and loving. So we sat down at a nice restaurant, created a safe and romantic vibe, had some Indian food and healed what needed to be healed.

Lots of old stuff came up. Fear was sharing her worries, anxiety was showing me how she got triggered by some of the things I do.

What they showed me was that some of my choices have not been fully heart based. My need to assist humanity has made me settle in some areas. And settling is never heart based, we only settle out of fear and a sense of lack.

My beautiful posse of emotions, showed me how I’ve used my service for humanity as an excuse to not go get what my heart is yearning for. Instead I’ve been helping others do that. Oh, the sweet irony. It was all so raw and beautiful.

Suddenly faith spoke loud and clear, reminding me that I am safe. The universe is holding me and all is well.

I love this time with myself. I love exploring myself and reminding myself of how precious every single emotion is. I love surrendering and feeling vulnerable with all that is going on inside and outside of myself. I love seeing how big my love is, and how much I can hold space for, within myself.

I’m sharing this with you in the hopes to inspire you to explore yourself more. You are a work of art and all of you deserves your love.

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Pride Has No Place In a Relationship

Pride has no place in a relationship. We need to leave it at the doorstep when we enter a union. We must be willing to love our partner in a way that they need to be loved regardless of our opinions.
Your partner might feel loved when you do the dishes without them having to ask for it, or they might feel loved when you adore them
verbally, touch them or if you buy them gifts.
We all receive, perceive and give love in different ways.
It is not our job to judge our partners needs, it is our job to meet them.
if your partner is nagging you for things like more quality time, or for you to vacuum the floors, they are not trying to be a pain in you ass and you shouldn’t consider them to be high maintenance. This might just be your partner signaling to you that they feel empty and need more love.
It is absolutely vital for us to learn how to speak our partners love language. If we feel that we can’t or won’t, then we should not consider being in a partnership with them. We can never change our partners love language, but we can always learn it if we are willing. Loving somebody in a way that they need to be loved is a conscious choice that we all can make.


Wishing you all happy and fulfilling relationships.

Love More

Try this, when you’re walking down a street, look at everybody around you and silently say I love you, you are beautiful. This will heal your heart and create a feeling that you live in a safe and loving universe.



There is joy in my heart, not because life gave it to me, but because I invited it.

I might not have been served happiness on a silver plate, but I have been served the freedom to choose joy over and over.

See, pain doesn’t break you, it makes you.