Barefoot in the Forest

Mmm Being barefoot in the forest… there’s nothing quite like it.
I love feeling earths beautiful energy pulsating underneath my soles, as I breath her in and invite the relaxing vibes to travel up my legs, then my spine and finally burst out through my head.
She reminds me that I am created from love, by love, to be love.


There is joy in my heart, not because life gave it to me, but because I invited it.

I might not have been served happiness on a silver plate, but I have been served the freedom to choose joy over and over.

See, pain doesn’t break you, it makes you.


Yaaay guess who just released a new single?! This time it’s in Swedish, so to all my english speaking fans, don’t worry I’ll still release some more english music soon, but for now I need to big up my beautiful hometown Stockholm. You can listen to the single on SPOTIFY!

I went on P5 Sthlm and performed the song live, you can hear the interview and song here.

I chatted with their lovely host Gurgin about focusing on seeing what is beautiful in this city and how we can transform pain.

I got to perform the song live outside on Drottninggatan….it was cold, but lovely to sing to the city that I adore so much.

When I was performing  I got to wear some lovely clothes form Gudrun Sjödén. Me and my back up Singer Micaela Rodrigues and my Producer/Guitarist Marco Deb,  all wore something  Blue or Yellow, the colors of Stockholm.

Here are some pictures:

I love working with these two!

I really love this outfit from Gudrun Sjödéns summer collection.

Girls just wanna have fun … in comfortable clothes!

Sending you all love and light.

The Voice of Truth

We all need that voice that makes us believe in ourselves. Either we find it within ourselves or outside ourselves. It doesn’t matter which one comes first, because one attracts the other.

Once we start listening to the sweet melody singing our praise, our whole being slowly fills up with a warm and beautiful sensation, that is our self worth.

Marry Yourself

Beautiful light. I want to encourage you to a more intimate relationship with yourself. Date yourself, fall deeply In Love with yourself, commit to yourself and marry yourself. As your self worth expands, doubt and obstacles disappear.

If you are curious about Self Marriage and what it is, here is a short description from wikipedia.

Self-marriage or Sologamy is marriage by a person to oneself. It is known as a commitment that values self-love, and self-compassion. Supporters of the practice argue that it leads to a happier life.

Go Where You are Celebrated

Go where you are celebrated not tolerated
Where people look at you with warmth and appreciation in their eyes
Where your thoughts and words are heard and deeply felt
Where your heart is seen and held
Where your soul feels free and at home
Where all of you is welcomed and adored

You are too wonderful, too magical, too precious to settle for anything
that doesn’t make you feel like the great and beautiful Being that you are.
So go ahead dear, it’s time now, go where you are celebrated not tolerated.

-Klara Kazmi