Birthday Wishes

When I was about to blow the candle out on my Birthday cake this morning, I was trying to make a wish, but I found it to be harder than usual…. My mind just wanted so many things!!

Sitting in my bed with my laptop now, looking out on the sunny blue sky and the beautiful trees outside my window, I know that I have all I need in this very moment. It might sound odd to some, but It is the truth. I have my breath, I have my eyes to see this beautiful world through, I have my body to feel and absorb the vibration of mother earth, I have my mind to think happy, progressive and inspiring thoughts with, and most importantly I have my heart to feel and emit the vibration of LOVE!! What else do I need? Nothing!! Mind is quiet now, she feels a little silly, all those wishes weren’t hers, she doesn’t want any of those things she so eagerly wished for earlier. She just want to cuddle up with my heart, and watch the leaves go from green to yellow outside my window.

This is a happy Birthday.

raw vegan cake

“This beautiful RawFood Cake was created by RawFood Stockholm. It is so Yummy!!”

Wishing you all a peaceful day.

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