Klara Kazmi is a Swedish Artist based in Stockholm. She released her debut EP “Quest for Klarity” in late 2009.
 The EP was well received in Sweden and got a lot of airplay and great reviews.

Klara’s songwriting style is quite unique, she often just opens her mouth and sees what comes out.

– I do my best to get out of the way and let the music flow through me. I usually only set one intention, May this song help someone somewhere see how beautiful they are, and how interesting life can be if we let it.

The music can be described as “feel good music”, it’s a mixture between Soul, Reggae, Jazz and Funk that forms a new genre that Klara calls Souggae Junk. The songs are catchy and groovy with beautiful melodies and heartwarming lyrics.
 Klara has a truly unique voice, it has a ancient ring to it, and somehow she makes the listener hear every word she utters. People have described her music as an “instant injection of fun that leaves your heart warm for many days to come”.

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